South Woods’ Purpose Statement: We purpose to make disciples who joyfully serve Christ together in ministry and missions.

At South Woods, we intentionally seek to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of our congregation and our community. The primary way that any church should minister and serve is through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. It is that Word that builds His Church, being used by the Spirit to draw sinners out of the depravity of their sin into the life that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Therefore, through all of our ministries at South Woods, we seek to center on Scripture as the rule of faith.

In our worship services, we sing, pray, read, and hear the Word preached. Our music ministry is a way for believers to use their voices and instrumental skills to worship God, but is also a way to communicate the truths of God’s Word through the creative and emotional means of music. Sunday School is a great way to minister to each other through the teaching, listening, and discussion of the Word of God. We study expositionally through books of the Bible, rotating through the Old and New Testaments, seeking to answer the difficult questions of the text, while also uncovering the implications and applications of the Word for our lives. Our S.T.I.N.T. classes are a Wednesday night instructional time when we study topics or books relating to the great doctrines of the faith. Our youth ministry focuses on teaching the Scriptures and theology for the sake of helping our youth think through the hard things of the Bible, as well as equipping them so that they may be able to take a stand for the truth when encountering false teachings or philosophies. Our children’s ministry seeks to teach children the basics of the faith, helping them to memorize Scripture and create a Biblical worldview from an early age. And as a result of our understanding of Scripture, we seek to be a missional people, taking God’s Word to the world for His glory and its betterment, shaping how we do missions by the truths taught in that very same Scripture.

South Woods is not a program driven church. Programs are static, business-modeled entities that seek to plug in people like a cog into a machine. We feel the Biblical model of a church is ministry driven, not program driven. We desire for God’s Word to shape our congregation, from the whole to the individual, and the primary way we do this work is through these various ministries that we bear as a church. It is the role of each church member to minister to one another by the formative discipline of teaching and listening, and our elders and pastoral staff seek to organize that formative discipline into the ministries of the church, while also encouraging the continued involvement in personal ministry of every church member.