South Woods’ Purpose Statement: We purpose to make disciples who joyfully serve Christ together in ministry and missions.

It is our aim, as a local church of the Lord Jesus Christ, to adorn the gospel of God by ministering to, or serving others.   It’s one thing to talk and teach the majestic doctrines of the Bible, but when we are putting our hands and feet to work with the gospel being our impetus and motivation, we collectively trust that this is obedience to the Word.  Simply put, serving others in the fear of the Lord is part and parcel with being a disciple of Christ.  But serving one another in church and community does something unique in the life of a local church: it  actually creates opportunities for us to obey the Great Commandment and to fulfill the Great Commission together.

One of the ways we do this is by serving our community every other month in what we call Mercy For Memphis. 


Other Local Mercy Ministries

Moriah House

Moriah House is Memphis Union Mission’s long-term recovery program for women and their children. South Woods is involved with this home for abused and battered women in Memphis. Our people baby-sit on Thursday nights while the mothers of the children participate in a Bible study.

Oak Forest Elementary

Located behind our church, this school has given us an open invite to serve them in multiple ways. From volunteering during a school day to help out with lunch duties, to washing their vehicles twice a year, opportunities to serve the teachers, students and parents are limited mainly by our
imagination and availability.

Binghampton Christian Academy

We have solid opportunities to serve the students and teachers at Binghampton Christian Academy. It has been a joy leading their chapel services weekly during the school year, and we have other opportunities in the areas of tutoring and serving. TNS is located at Walnut Grove and Tillman.