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. . . who joyfully serve Christ . . .

We purpose to make disciples who joyfully serve Christ together in ministry and missions. One could argue that community service and restoration are in vogue activities in today’s culture. The last twenty-five years of legislation seems to support such a viewpoint. Yet, many give little … Continue reading

Weekly Update from Pastor Phil

Greetings! We had a wonderful day of worship on Sunday with the Lord’s Supper and a great study in Zechariah on Sunday evening by Chris Wilbanks. I am recovering from shoulder surgery that I had Tuesday, so my note is brief! We have VBS taking place … Continue reading

We Purpose to Make Disciples

“We purpose to make disciples.” That’s the first clause in South Woods’ purpose statement and the consideration of this series of posts. Purpose has to do with our aim, our passion—so much more than simply our duty. There’s nothing inherently wrong with duty. We’re thankful … Continue reading

Weekly Update from Pastor Phil

Greetings! We’re less than a week away from this summer’s Vacation Bible School at South Woods, which will be a different approach this year. Rather than hosting VBS at our facility on Germantown Road in Memphis, we’re having VBS at the home of Chris & … Continue reading

Purpose for a Purpose Statement

A church—any church, one would assume, should be consistently identified in every region and culture. If you saw a sign or heard the name “church” used, you would immediately know what was meant. But such an assumption surely disappoints! Aside from the use of church in any … Continue reading

Weekly Update from Pastor Phil

Greetings! After a wonderful time of worship with the body on Sunday morning and a sweet time of fellowship with my shepherding group at lunch, my son Stephen and I drove to Cabot, AR to visit with my new grandson Tripp (and to see my … Continue reading

Weekly Update from Pastor Phil

Greetings! My family and I rejoice in the birth of Phillip Andrew Newton III (Tripp) to Andrew and Jessica! Our grandson weighed in at 9 lb and 5 oz and 21″ long. We are so thankful for his safe delivery and that Jessica, our daughter-in-law … Continue reading