Weekly Update from Pastor Phil


What a wonderful day we enjoyed on Sunday, as we celebrated our 30th anniversary as a congregation! I’m so grateful for all of the many people that put in extra hours and lots of energy to ensure that all of us would have a memorable gathering. The Lord very kindly gave us great weather for the dinner under the tent. The Memphis barbecue and lots of good sides, salads, and desserts made the meal an absolute delight. Thanks to all who participated, prayed, and served on anniversary Sunday! Our hostess committee did a beautiful job, as usual. The addition of pictures from the past made the day extra special, as we reflected on God’s graciousness working through so many over the years. I’m particularly grateful that Les and Helen Prouty, who now live in the St. Louis area, were able to be with us for the day. They helped us plant South Woods back in 1987, so it was good to hear from Les and enjoy visiting with them over dinner.

I love our work days at South Woods! We had a superb time on Saturday with diligent workers sprucing up things inside and out. I appreciate so much our deacons who led the work with such willing hearts. So many volunteers joined to take care of every detail. We got a lot done that helped to improve the beauty and usefulness of our property. Thanks!!!

Last Wednesday we had our Preschool Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, hosted by our preschool team. After a lovely meal we took a look at the revised preschool/children’s manual, then found good encouragement in a devotional from Philippians one led by Andy Fortner. I’m grateful for Joy Sharp and the coordinators who serve our little ones so faithfully each week. We could not do our ministry of teaching/preaching with the same level of effectiveness without them!

Tomorrow night we’re looking forward to Dr. Mark Morris teaching the start of our new STINT class on world religions. Mark and his wife Cindy head up Refugee Memphis. They’ve spent many years serving in the Islamic world, so he’s well qualified to help us think more clearly on gospel work among Muslims. Mark will be leading the first two weeks of our study. So join us at 6:30 on Wednesdays.

With Easter just around the corner, we will have our Good Friday service on April 14th at 7:00 p.m. Pastor Matt Sliger will be preaching as we worship the Lord Jesus together in reflection on Jesus’ death on the cross.

I do want to point out again that we’ve set up online giving through our website at http://www.southwoodsbc.org. The giving link is located at the bottom left of the home page. You can click the link and follow the instructions to set up one time or scheduled giving.

As a reminder, we have Shepherding Groups gathering this Sunday rather than our normal first Sunday, due to the anniversary celebration.

John’s emphasis on loving one another permeates his first epistle. But it’s not just an addition to some Christians’ practice. It is to characterize all who are in Christ. We consider that truth in this study.

Phil N.