Weekly Update from Pastor Phil


We had a sweet gathering on Sunday as we recognized one more new baby in our number, welcomed several more new members who signed the church covenant, and partook together of the Lord’s Supper. I’m grateful for the warm spirit that the Lord granted among us.

I’m grateful for the opportunity that I had on Sunday night to speak at the elder installation of David Johnson at Redemption Community Church in Bartlett. It was a joy to see so many familiar faces under the leadership of Pastor Nathan Pellegra. They received the word with eagerness and joy. David and April and their family were part of South Woods for a period before heading over to serve with Nathan and Redemption Community Church. I’m thankful for that congregation and their passion for the gospel of Christ.

We have two more weeks left in this round of STINT on Wednesday nights at 6:30. Mark Wiseman began a two-week study last week of Roman Catholicism, as we’ve been considering world religions. He will finish up on Wednesday and then we’ll do a panel discussion to round out the study on May 31st. The next study will set the stage for the next few months as we consider the Great Reformation. This is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation that literally changed the world. In June-August, we’ll work through Michael Reeves & Tim Chester’s book Why the Reformation Still Matters. Some say that it doesn’t. We believe that it does. But for what reasons? Following that study as we embark upon the fall, we’ll take a look (and a fascinating one at that) at The Characters of the Reformation. While we’ll consider the obvious ones, we’ll also take a look at some that are much less known but who played vital roles in the Great Reformation.

On Sunday we look forward to recognizing our recent graduates as well as hearing a brief testimony from Jason Fisher concerning the trip that he, Cliff VanNostrand, and I took part in back in April. Jason is our resident business as mission expert and lent his expertise to a number of workers who serve in Central Asia. He’ll give us a bit of perspective from those conversations so that we’ll know more of how to pray and serve those folks.

Our study this week continued the theme of perseverance with the focus on abiding in Christ. John sets the stage for thinking through on continuing in perseverance in light of false teachers and in light of Jesus’ return. Matt Sliger will be preaching the next passage, 1 John 3:1–3, that to me is the most pivotal in the epistle. Pray for Matt as he prepares and as we worship together.

Phil N.