Weekly Update from Pastor Phil


We were thankful on Sunday to join in recognizing three graduates this year. Jessi Bullis graduated from California Baptist University (B.A.), Andy Fortner graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Matt Sliger graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ph.D.). We know that all of them worked very hard to complete their respective courses of study. Congratulations to them!

Jason Fisher gave us a little better perspective on business as mission during his testimony on Sunday. We’re grateful for Jason’s work with those serving in international settings to help them get established with businesses in their countries. Pray for him as he gives counsel and helps with plans for kingdom-oriented businesses.

We finish up on Wednesday night our study on World Religions by doing a panel discussion. This STINT class starts at 6:30 and will be an enjoyable time to pose questions to the panel on the various world religions that we studied.

Our next STINT series begins on June 14th, Why the Reformation Still Matters. We have books by this title available on our bookrack that will help you participate in this study. With this being the 500th year since the start of the Great Reformation, we’re going to spend a little time looking at the primary teaching and key figures of the Reformation over the next few months. I think that you’ll find this study of great value.

We got started using our “tools” on Sunday during Sunday School as we continue our summer study on How to Interpret Scripture. We looked at the background for the book of Micah that will help us as we unpack the book throughout the summer. Join us on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. to get in on this hands-on study of God’s Word. You’ll develop a better handle on reading and interpreting God’s Word as we work together. In preparation for Sunday, read through the 1st chapter of Micah a few times to get the lay of the land. We’ll concentrate on Micah 1:2–9 this week.

We look forward to baptizing on Sunday morning during our worship time. We’re thankful for the Lord’s saving work in the young lady that we will baptize on Sunday.

Pastor Matt beautifully opened 1 John 3:1 -3 on Sunday, helping us to see the massiveness of God’s love in Christ toward those He calls His children. The impact of that reality of His love affects our character and practice. I worshiped as we listened together to this exposition from the Word. I know that you will be helped by it. I’ll pick up starting in verse 4 where the stark reality of the power of the gospel staggers us and calls us into accountability to live as Christians.

Phil N.