Weekly Update from Pastor Phil


It’s good to be back home after a week out for vacation. We enjoyed getting to see and visit with all of our kids and grandkids while meeting up on the Florida coast. Yes, we enjoyed lots of delicious seafood!

Tomorrow night will be the second installment of our new STINT class, “Why the Reformation Still Matters.” We’re using a book by the same title written by Michael Reeves and Tim Chester. We thought it fitting during this 500th year of the Great Reformation to rethink the key issues that brought about reformation and spiritual awakening when it seemed that the church had no life. We get started at 6:30 p.m. so please join us.

Our Mercy for Memphis will be on Saturday rather than Sunday as we typically do. This focus will be at the Binghampton Christian Academy from 3:00–5:00 p.m. There are lots of projects, so bring a few tools and wear your old clothes and be prepared to serve these folks who are making an impact on kids in the Binghampton area.

The Sunday morning “How to Interpret the Scripture” study at 9:00 has gone very well. I am really impressed with the way that our folks are digging into the Word as they gather around tables, read, discuss, and put interpretive thoughts together in the book of Micah. Join us on Sunday for this very helpful study.

Our Preschool Training for New Volunteers will take place Sunday at 9:00 a.m. This is required training to serve with our preschoolers. What a great privilege to serve them and the body through taking care of these little ones! I’m grateful for those that will be training new volunteers this week.

I hope that you’ll take a look at my new book, The Mentoring Church: How Pastors and Congregations Cultivate Leaders. Here’s a link at Amazon to read a snippet about it and to order.

We also have copies available at the South Woods bookstore.

The passage from 1 John that we consider this week is critical, in my opinion, in thinking through on assurance when our internal wiring seems to fight against it. I hope that it will encourage you as it has me to ponder this text.

Phil N.