Weekly Update from Pastor Phil


I hope that those of you in the US had a wonderful 4th of July holiday. We had an enjoyable day at our home. We’re grateful that we have reason to celebrate the many mercies shown to our nation.

While many in our congregation traveled over the weekend, many others visited with us on Sunday. We had a wonderful group, including every table full for our Sunday morning study in how to interpret the Scriptures. The journey through the book of Micah has been rewarding for us. If you’ve not joined us yet, I encourage you to do so.

Tonight at 6:30 I’ll be doing an interview with two of our own workers who have served in Central Asia. They have a fascinating story of the past few years. We are part of that story through our relationship with them, so this should be an interesting time together. We’ll follow the interview with our Annual Ice-Cream Fellowship. So get out those ice cream freezers and appropriate desserts for a fun evening together!

Another interview happens tomorrow. I will appreciate your prayers as I am interviewed tomorrow afternoon by Dr. Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I’ve known Jason since he was a college student serving as a student minister in Frisco City, AL, attending the Founders youth conference with his group (that included Matt McCullough who now pastors in Nashville). He’s doing an amazing job at Midwestern in leading this seminary into some very innovative practices that improve opportunities for theological education. Jason will be discussing with me about my recent publication, The Mentoring Church. The podcast will likely air next week. You can find information about it once it’s done at http://jasonkallen.com/podcast/

I am looking forward to speaking at Cherokee Baptist Church in Memphis on July 23, where Jeremy Wright serves as senior pastor. He has asked me to preach on elder plurality in the morning service and to do a discussion with his adults in the Sunday School time prior to the service. Please pray for me during that visit with a sister congregation in our area.

Matt Sliger and I have enjoyed teaming up to preach through 1 John. Each week builds on the other as the Apostle John journeys through the subject of assurance. That’s no fringe subject either. So many struggle in this regard, which is why there’s so much teaching on it in the Word. This week’s study focuses on loving one another as an evidence of new birth. But the way that John probes the topic helps us to better see how everything about assurance ultimately focuses on God sending His Son to redeem us from sin. We’ll continue with another facet from John’s theme of love this coming Sunday. I hope that you find this study to challenge and encourage.

Phil N.