Weekly Update from Pastor Phil


I’m so encouraged by the way that the congregation has responded to the series that Matt Sliger and I are doing in 1 John. There’s an intensity in listening to the Word expounded that I sense while preaching. We’ve worshiped during the opening of God’s Word, which in itself is central to our worship, as the Word enables us to look more clearly upon the Lord Jesus.

The study on how to interpret God’s Word during our Bible study hour has gone very well. We considered the strongly Messianic passage in Micah 5:1–5 on Sunday. This week we look forward to doing an interview during that time with a worker who serves in Central Asia, Jeff N. He and his family will be with us for the day. I was able to meet them and enjoy fellowship with them while teaching at a meeting for his fellow workers in Central Asia. I’m glad that he can visit and talk with us about work in that part of the world on Sunday at 9:00. We’ll be back in our interpretation study on July 16th.

I was on the phone yesterday with the board members of Founders Ministries as we talked about what the Lord is doing in biblical reformation in our nation. I found a lot of encouraging things in the conversation, not the least of which is the forthcoming National Founders Conference, Oct 3–5 in Memphis, hosted by South Woods. We look forward to that gathering of brothers and sisters from across the country (and even other countries) as we consider the consistency of God’s revelation to us in Christ. Ray Ortlund Jr. and Geoff Thomas will be our keynote speakers. There will also be messages from Fred Malone, Tom Hicks, Matt McCullough, Tom Nettles, Jordan Thomas, and me.

The Wednesday night STINT class on “Why the Reformation Still Matters” is going really well. We consider the theology of the cross tomorrow night at 6:30.

I hope that the messages in 1 John have helped you to think through more clearly on the assurance that is ours in Christ. This week’s study retraces some of what we’ve already considered about assurance as well as adding new emphases. Be encouraged in Christ!

Phil N.