Weekly Update from Pastor Phil


The week certainly began with more consciousness of how we need the Lord as our Refuge and Strength! With the unimaginable tragedy in Las Vegas, our nation mourns the loss. As followers of Christ, we mourn, too, the evil still loose in our world, giving us more longing to see the day when Christ shall wipe every tear from the eye. Let us pray, trust, and rest in the Lord. I hope to ponder some of the issues at the heart of this time in the upcoming Sunday sermon from Psalm 51.

Fall is my favorite time in Memphis. One of the best things about it is our annual Church Picnic, a.k.a. “Elder Burgers.” Our elders fire up the grills while we all pitch in to bring side dishes and desserts. Do join us for this most enjoyable afternoon and evening! We plan to start serving around 5:00 p.m., but feel free to come earlier and enjoy visiting with one another. Bring lawn chairs or something to sit on, as well as drinks and your side dish, and the rest will be provided.

We’re learning together much more about the characters of the Reformation during this round of STINT class on Wednesdays at 6:30. Dan Meadows gave us a wonderful picture of Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon this past week. I’ll be looking at the English and Scottish Reformers over the next couple of weeks. Do join us!

The time of contemplation on Psalm 46 on Sunday reminded us of why it was Martin Luther’s favorite. No wonder his meditations on it produced one of the most power and lasting hymns for the church in “A Mighty Fortress.” The thing that struck me as I worked on the psalm and even as I preached was its far reaching word to the church throughout the ages. I hope that you find this study in the Psalms to be helpful.

Phil N.